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Crewel World by Monica Ferris

I just read the mystery book #1 Crewel World by Monica Ferris. I rate it a 7. The art of needlecraft requires patience, discipline, and creativity. So, too, does the art of detection. Just ask Betsy Devonshire - who's learning that life in a small town needlecraft shop can reveal an unexpected knack for knitting...and a hidden talent for unraveling crime.
When Betsy arrived in Excelsior, Minnesota, all she wanted was to visit her sister Margot and to get her life in order. She never dreamed her sister would give her a place to stay and a job at her needlecraft shop. In fact, things had never looked so good - until Margot was murdered...
In a town this friendly, it's hard to imagine who could have committed such a horrible act. But Betsy has a few ideas. There's as ex-employee who wants to start her own needlework store. And there's the landlord who wanted Margot out. Now Betsy's putting together a list of motives and suspects to figure out this killer's pattern of crime...

My comments:
This one didn't start all that well for me but it got going very quickly and was good for several good chuckles and an outburst of laughter (fortunately, I was alone at the time). By the end of the book I was looking forward to the next one. Now I have to go out and find the other eight books in the series! :-)

About the author:
Monica Ferris also writes under the names Mary Monica Pulver Kuhfeld, Margaret of Shaftsbury, Mary Pulver Kuhfeld and is the Margaret half of the writing team known as Margaret Frazer.

I'm still reading the fantasy novel #2 Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg.

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