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Manor Of Death by Leslie Caine

I just read the book #3 Manor Of Death by Leslie Caine. I rate it an 8. Erin Gilbert is paid to bring spaces to new life-not to uncover murder. But from the beginning of her job in a Victorian manor, things are totally out of control. It starts with the sighting of a ghost and leads to the discovery of a decades-old secret, a hidden dead space in the attic, and the shocking death of a beautiful young woman.
Teamed with her insufferably self-confident competitor, Steve Sullivan, Erin finds herself up against the neighbors, a troubled teen, a woman communing with the dead, and one very unnerved client. The more Erin works on the house, the more manners of death she seems to find until, like peeling off layers of wallpaper, she suddenly sees it revealed all too clearly: the perfect blueprint for murder...

This is the third book in the Domestic Bliss Mystery series and is just as enjoyable as the first two. Leslie Caine also writes two mystery series under the names Leslie O’Kane. The Molly Master series is about a greeting card designer and the Allie Babcock series is about a dog therapist.
This is 5/100 mystery authors

I'm still reading #2 Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg.

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