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Quincannon by Bill Pronzini

I just read the book #1 Quincannon by Bill Pronzini. I rate it a 7. It has been thirty years since the Secret Service was founded, an elite circle of men who each, according to his blood-signed oath, “must recognize that his service belongs to the government through twenty-four hours of every day.” John Quincannon’s father was one of the founding few, and in the Quincannon line, the apple does not fall far from the tree…
Secret Service agent John Quincannon has ound little joy in his life since a stray bullet of his caught an innocent, expectant young woman, killing both mother and child. Now, still in mourning a year later, Quincannon can only find solace at the bottom of a jug of sour mash. But he’ll have to buck up – and stay sober – for his next mission: The Service needs Quincannon to bring down a major counterfeiting ring responsible for the death of one of his colleagues. And staying sober won’t be easy when there’s a young lady in town who’s a dead ringer for his late victim…

The setting for this series is the 1890’s and is almost as much western as it is mystery. I loved the descriptions of the rugged country in Oregon and southern Idaho before the country has been overcrowded.
Quincannon appears in three novels and the nine short stories are bundled into a book called Carpenter & Quincannon, Professional Detective Services to make a fourth book in the series.

The book uses the word “koniagers” which I’ve never heard before. According to the book it means counterfeiters but I can’t find the term in any dictionary. A web search just shows one site where the term is mentioned and that’s his website! I guess I can’t use it for my word games.

That’s the closest I can find to a website for him. Bill Pronzini also writes under the names Jack Foxx, Alex Saxon, and William Jeffrey. He’s married to Marcia Muller, the author of several mystery series – Sharon McCone being my favorite of hers. They live in California.
This is 6/100 mystery authors.

I'm still reading #2 Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg

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