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Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg

I just read the second book of The Bridge of D’Arnath series entitled Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg. I rate it a 6. For ten long years, the noblewoman Seriana has lived in exile, believing her husband, Karon, is dead, executed for the crime of practicing sorcery. Then she learns his soul has been anchored to their world through magic. And though he has been restored to life, his memories of Seri are gone…
While a sorcerer slowly and painstakingly helps Karon regain his memories, Seri returns to her ancestral home of Comigor to quickly take care of some family business. But her continual leadership is desperately needed there…especially when her nephew Gerrick disappears.
Just as her husband’s memories lie in the balance, so does Seri’s life, as kidnapping and murder lead her to the evil Lords of Zhev’Na. And though they are strangers to each other, Seri and Karon must join together to fight the sorcerers of Zhev’Na before they destroy both this world and the magic realm that lies beyond.

I'm starting the third book The Soul Weaver tonight.

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