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Knight Fall by Mary Monica Pulver

I just finished the mystery book Knight Fall. It was previously published in hardcover as Murder at the War. It’s the first book in the Peter Brichter series by Mary Monica Pulver. She also writes under the name Monica Ferris and as half of a writing team known as Margaret Frazer. I rate this book a 9.
Chivalry is not dead; it comes back each year with a rousing “War” held for fun – and in costume. For one brief shining weekend, ordinary folks like police detective Peter Brichter recreate the Middle Ages at a rural campground: jousting, swigging ale, and “slaying” rival knights with glee. But a real-life killer has joined the throng – and with dagger sharp and malice cruel he’s come to turn fantasy into deadly serious business.

I loved this book. It grabbed me from the first and never let go. A group of people from all around the country get together for one weekend dressed in medieval costumes, complete with weaponry, for feasting, fighting and fun. There are a total of five books in the series. I’m looking forward to the next book The Unforgiving Minutes.
This is 7/100 mystery authors.

I’m currently reading #3 The Soul Weaver by Carol Berg.

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