James (katsurian) wrote,

The Unforgiving Minutes by Mary Monica Pulver

I just finished the mystery book The Unforgiving Minutes. It’s the second book in the Peter Brichter series by Mary Monica Pulver. I rate this book a 9. Police Detective Peter Brichter’s unsentimental view of life has never won him many friends, but it has brought him to the top of his profession. He reopens a murder case from fourteen years ago – and peels back the layers of corruption and drug trafficking that plague a small Midwestern town. But even jaded Peter Brichter is shocked by his discoveries – first, that his rather unemotional heart is touched by a lovely woman he meets in his investigation. And second, that time never really forgets the crimes of the past…

This is a prequel to the first book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were enough twists, turns, and subplots to keep me reading even though it was easy to figure “whodunit.”
This is 7/100 mystery authors.

I’m currently reading #3 The Soul Weaver by Carol Berg.

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Tags: 2006, mary monica pulver

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