James (katsurian) wrote,

Books read for the month of Jan.

It's the first of Feb. and time for the book list from Jan.! I read 26 books this month with a total of 7786 pages. That breaks down to 300 pages per book and 252 pages per day.
If I can read 21 books a month, I'll tie my record of 252 books for the year from 2000. I've got a good start! Here's the list of books:
Pages Author Title Rating Genre
532 Sarah Zettel The Usurper's Crown 9 Fantasy
361 Maria V. Snyder Poison Study 8 Fantasy
199 Marcia Muller The Tree of Death 6 Mystery
182 Marcia Muller The Legend of the Slain Soldiers 7 Mystery
232 Anne McCaffrey To Ride Pegasus 6 Science Fiction
235 Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini Beyond the Grave 7 Mystery
293 Anne McCaffrey Pegasus in Flight 8 Science Fiction
373 Anne McCaffrey Pegasus In Space 8 Science Fiction
346 Patricia H. Rushford & Harrison James Secrets, Lies & Alibis 9 Mystery
320 Patricia H. Rushford & Harrison James Dead Fall 9 Mystery
334 Patricia H. Rushford & Harrison James Terminal 9 10 Mystery
471 Carol Berg Son of Avonar 6 Fantasy
364 Melanie Rehak Girl Sleuth 7 NonFiction
317 Patricia H. Rushford Deadly Aim 9 Mystery
267 Patricia H. Rushford Dying To Kill 9 Mystery
253 Patricia H. Rushford As Good As Dead 9 Mystery
255 Patricia H. Rushford Sins of the Mother 9 Romance
199 Terri Farley Secret Star 8 YA
243 Monica Ferris Crewel World 7 Mystery
245 Meg O'Brien Eagles Die Too 6 Mystery
372 Leslie Caine Manor Of Death 8 Mystery
166 Bill Pronzini Quincannon 7 Mystery
528 Carol Berg Guardians of the Keep 6 Fantasy
208 Marianne MacDonald Smugglers Cove 8 YA
231 Mary Monica Pulver Knight Fall 9 Mystery
260 Mary Monica Pulver The Unforgiving Minutes 9 Mystery
Tags: books 2006

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