James (katsurian) wrote,

Ashes To Ashes by Mary Monica Pulver

I just read the book Ashes to Ashes by . I rate it a 7. It’s the third book in the Peter Brichter series. Once, Crazy Dave had the lowest prices in town. But now his TVs and appliances are going up – in flames. Sergeant Peter Brichter smells trouble when his arson investigation leads him to mob connections. And his new partner seems more concerned with making friends in high places than solving crimes. But when the smoke clears, its Brichter’s own reputation that’s on the line…

I didn’t like it quite as well as the others (obviously, with the lower rating!). The subplot was completely given away less than halfway through the book, I didn’t much like the interplay between Peter & his wife Kori, and though the whodunit was figured out, it wasn’t satisfactorily ended.
This is 7/100 mystery authors.

I'm still reading #3 The Soul Weaver > by Carol Berg.

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Tags: 2006, mary monica pulver

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