James (katsurian) wrote,

Original Sin by Mary Monica Pulver

I just read the book Original Sin by Mary Monica Pulver. I rate it a 9. It’s the fourth book in the Peter Brichter series.
”Twas the night before murder and all through the Brichter family farmhouse, suspicion decks the halls. When Cousin Evelyn takes a fatal bump on the head, holiday cheer turns to hard-core investigation for Sergeant Peter Brichter; for guilty secrets don’t stay under wraps in a house where danger lurks. Snowed in with his guests, Peter finds an unwelcome gift: Evelyn’s murder was just the tip of the iceberg.

I really got into this book! I got up in the middle for a drink of water and wondered where all the snow went to. lol The book is a wonderful “locked room” puzzle. Snowed in with close family and friends except for this new cousin Kori’s invited for the holidays, when the cousin is found murdered, who did it? Motives abound for everyone present and no one has a solid alibi for when the murder happened. I didn’t figure this one out at all.

This is 7/100 mystery authors.

I'm still reading #3 The Soul Weaver > by Carol Berg.

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