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The Soul Weaver by Carol Berg

I just finished the third book in The Bridge of D'Arnath series: The Soul Weaver by Carol Berg. I rate it a 6. The series is okay, it just hasn't really grabbed my attention enough to make me want to do nothing but finish the book. I found myself getting confused in places and having to reread parts but that may be my own fault for reading it only at work where I can't read for more that fifteen to thirty minutes at a time.
Gerick spent months imprisoned by the evil Lords of Zhev'Na, as the sought to corrupt him and make him one of them. Karon the sorcerer and his wife, Seri, managed to free Gerick's body, but a part of his soul remains a prisoner - a part of himself that Gerick feels will betray his family and all that he holds dear.
Tormented by nightmares, Gerick struggles to make sense of what is real and what is not. Then, as his people prepare for the inevitable conflict with the Lords of Zhev'Na, Gerick is accused of treason - and Seri is found mysteriously wounded and near death. Fleeing, Gerick takes refuge in a sunless, strange, and magical realm inhabited by outcasts who insist he is their king.
Here, Gerick will discover the nature of his own magic - the power of soul weaving. Only by mastering this talent can Gerick save himself and his people from the evil of Zhev'Na.

I would have thought that the book ended here with this one. It has everything pretty much concluded and a fairly happy ending but she's written a fourth book based on the curse (or prophesy) Gerick was given at the conclusion of the final battle. Well, I guess Gerick has to find a wife in order to make it a successful romantic fantasy novel! Though I wonder what happens with Roxanne, the Princess of Leire and Heir to the Throne?

I'm starting book four of The Bridge of D'Arnath series tonight: Daughter Of Ancients.

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