James (katsurian) wrote,

All The Deadly Beloved by Deborah Adams

I just finished the fifth book, All The Deadly Beloved, in the Jesus Creek series by Deborah Adams. I rate it a 5.
Everybody swears that no one would ever lay a hand on Jesus Creek's angel of mercy, nurse Patrice Gentry. But the reality is there for all to see - Patrice's red T-bird in the nursing home parking lot with her dead body inside.
Police Chief Reb Gassler knows that though the victim may have been an angel, Jesus Creek isn’t heaven and the charming widower, Dr. Steve Gentry, hasn’t sprouted wings. In fact, he’s said to be sleeping with more women than seems possible for a doctor with a full-time practice.
While Reb hunts for the truth, a killer lurks in the shadows - and Jesus Creek teeters on the ragged edge

Not one of the better books in this 7 book series. The book is half in the form of a letter to the police chief’s lady-friend and half in a narrative style; switching back and forth at will within the same chapter. The burglary crime isn’t solved but since I read the books out of order I know that it’s solved in the next book, which by the way, is much better!

This is 8/100 mystery authors.

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