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Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris

I just read the book Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris. I rate it a 7.
I have what you might call a strange job. I find dead people. I can sense the final location of a person who’s passed, and share their very last moment. The way I see it, I’m providing a service to the dead while bringing some closure to the living - but I’m used to most people treating me like a blood-sucking leech. I couldn’t do it alone - that’s why my step-brother Tolliver travels with me, as my manager and, sometimes, bodyguard. It’s an unpredictable work schedule: we live out of hotels, ready to hit the road at any time. Because for the living it’s always urgent - even if the dead can wait forever
Harper and Tolliver are experts at getting in, getting paid, and then getting out of town fast - because the people who hire Harper have a funny habit of not really wanting to know what she has to tell them. At first, the little Ozarks town of Sarne seems like no exception. A teenage girl has gone missing, and Harper knows almost immediately that this girl is dead. But the secrets of her death - and the secrets of the town - are deep enough that even Harper’s special ability can’t uncover them. With hostility welling up all around them, she and Tolliver would like nothing better than to be on their way. But then another woman is murdered. And the killer’s not finished yet

This was a fast paced book and I enjoyed it. It reminded me of the TV show Tru Calling.
This is 9/100 mystery authors.

My next book is #2 Framed in Lace by Monica Ferris.

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