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A Stitch In Time by Monica Ferris

I just finished A Stitch In Time by Monica Ferris. I rate it a 7. This is the third book in her needlecraft series.
The cold, blustery Midwest winters don't exactly agree with Betsy Devonshire, but since moving to Excelsior, Minnesota, she sure has met a lot of warm, friendly people. So she isn't too surprised when the town's most talented needleworkers volunteer to restore a damaged tapestry that was found in the basement of a local church. Betsy even offers to donate materials for the project, thinking that the free publicity will boost sales at her financially troubled needlecraft shop. But soon Betsy is afraid of losing more than her business - because her good intentions have unleashed some deadly secrets...

This one had me guessing who did it. The only person I could think of that could get their hands on the poison ended up being the person who did it but I had no clue as to the motivation. Altogether a good read, especially in the comeuppance of certain characters within the story!
And for those of you who have already read the series and are just waiting for the 10th book in the series...Sins and Needles comes out in hardcover on June 27, 2006.

I'm currently reading Welcome, Chaos by Kate Wilhelm and starting #4 Unraveled Sleeve tonight at work.
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