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Cutwork by Monica Ferris

I just finished Cutwork, the seventh book in the needlecraft series by Monica Ferris. I rate it a 6.
Almost everyone in Excelsior, Minnesota - craftsy and non-craftsy alike - has turned out for the art fair. So when an artisan is murdered there, the list of suspects is practically endless. Betsy Devonshire wants to help out in the police investigation. Her best friend, Officer Jill Cross, confides that they have a lead: a bloody footprint in the woodcarver's booth matches that of a local youth. But when Betsy can't keep the news to herself, Jill gives Betsy the cold shoulder. Everyone's on pins and needles - and when the family of the kid in question asks Betsy to prove his innocence, she must first regain Jill's trust, then figure out who had designs on the dead designer...

I had the right person but for the wrong reasons! Oops. The book was okay; there just seemed too many mistakes of a chronological order for me. In that I mean that there's mention of things that she doesn't know in this book that she did know 1, 2 & even 3 books back.

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