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Embroidered Truths by Monica Ferris

I just finished Embroidered Truths, the last book so far in the series by Monica Ferris. I rate it a 7.
After her good friend Godwin has an unexpectedly nasty quarrel with his significant other, John, Betsy Devonshire finds herself with a roommate. Betsy doesn't mind having company, though Godwin is restless and unhappy over the sudden break-up. But sadness turns to grief when Betsy and Godwin discover John dead in his home, and Godwin is arrested for the murder. Betsy knows her friend couldn't be the killer, and sets out to prove it.
What she learns is that John had a cat's cradle of secret dealings that had made him a bundle of money, and a lot of enemies - like his more-than-slightly homophobic brother, the law-firm boss who wanted to stop John from gaining a partnership no matter what, and the spurned lover whose shy demeanor may hide a sinister side.
Now, Betsy has to untangle a web of lies if she's going to resolve the situation and save Godwin - before the murderer decides to cut off his loose ends for good...

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