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It's the last Saturday in October and you know what that means...

Last Sunday in October

It’s time to put your clocks ahead,
autumn daylight to attack.
There’s no time to stay in bed,
it’s sleep that you shall lack!

Or do I have it turned around,
and you’re to set your clocks back?
This is a poem that I have found
to keep my schedule right on track.

Spring back and fall forward
or do I have it reversed?
Fall forward and spring back!
No, that’s the same as the first!

Spring forward and fall back;
The night shift worker’s curse.
We’re opposite from everyone
how can it get any worse?

In Spring you lose an hour of sleep
and I always hear you complain.
Be quiet! I’m counting sheep.
It’s the hour graveyard does gain.

It’s fall when we lose our hour
and it’s sleep that we do lack!
But you don’t see me turning sour!
I have an extra snack attack!

Don’t forget to turn your clocks….

Ahead? Back?


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