James (katsurian) wrote,

Pyro by Earl Emerson

I just finished Pyro by Earl Emerson. I rate it an 8.
Seattle firefighter Lt. Paul Wolff of the Station Six's ladder truck hates pyromaniacs. Two deacdes ago, an arsonist's fire killed his father, triggering a chain of events that left Wolff isolated and seething in anger. Now, as a fierce political battle rages inside the department, a pyro is turning Seattle into his private hell. Wolff sees a pattern - the fires are being set closer and closer to Station Six. And then a crucial piece of evidence suggests the unthinkable: This pyro is targeting Wolff himself. Now Wolff must choose between his burning rage and the chance to step back and see a shocking truth hidden beyond the heat.
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Tags: 2006, earl emerson

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