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Books read in Feb.

I read 25 books this month with a total of 7474 pages.

Pages Author Title Rating Genre
230 Mary Monica Pulver Ashes To Ashes 7 Mystery
241 Mary Monica Pulver Original Sin 9 Mystery
231 Mary Monica Pulver Show Stopper 9 Mystery
469 Carol Berg The Soul Weaver 6 Fantasy
531 Carol Berg Daughter Of Ancients 9 Fantasy
226 Deborah Adams All The Deadly Beloved 5 Mystery
469 Kazuo Ishiguro Never Let Me Go 9 Science Fiction
263 Charlaine Harris Grave Sight 7 Mystery
243 Monica Ferris Framed In Lace 7 Mystery
247 Monica Ferris A Stitch In Time 7 Mystery
243 Monica Ferris Unraveled Sleeve 7 Mystery
243 Monica Ferris A Murderous Yarn 7 Mystery
263 Monica Ferris Hanging By A Thread 8 Mystery
258 Monica Ferris Cutwork 6 Mystery
243 Monica Ferris Crewel Yule 8 Mystery
273 Monica Ferris Embroidered Truths 7 Mystery
297 Kate Wilhelm Welcome, Chaos 9 Science Fiction
390 J. A. Jance Edge Of Evil 10 Mystery
299 Earl Emerson Pyro 8 Mystery
261 Alice Kimberly The Ghost and Mrs. McClure 7 Mystery
260 Alice Kimberly The Ghost and the Dead Deb 7 Mystery
324 Deborah Donnelly Veiled Threats 8 Mystery
309 Deborah Donnelly Died To Match 7 Mystery
319 Deborah Donnelly May The Best Man Die 7 Mystery
342 Joanne Fluke Cherry Cheesecake Murder 8 Mystery

Hmm, mostly mysteries this month and looking at my TBR shelf only shows a total of 8 SF/F books compared to the 18 mysteries in queue. Well, that's 26 books, I guess I have next month's books already picked out! Whoops, make that this month's!
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