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Random thoughts

I was reading a someone's post the other day about how they hate either crossposting or crossposters, I can't remember which. I think I understand why a little bit better now. My friends page now has 3 or 4 posts that are all the same from the post I crossposted to several communities that I joined. Well, at least I'm just annoying myself so far. I'm thinking I should stop posting the book entries in my regular journal since I've started up tbr_stack but then what will I have to post about in this journal? *grin* It's almost all about books! I guess I need to get a life. lol

I'm afraid to get on the scale today after the pizza party Tues. night. I made 6 large pizzas from scratch. I was figuring out calories per slice after everyone had left (I started counting calories the first of March to see if this would actually help me lose weight or not) and I figured that I'd eaten twice the amount of calories I usually do. And speaking of pizza...I'm getting hungry! ha

I just started the 3rd book in Patricia Sprinkle's MacLaren Yarbrough series. This is the first one that was released in paperback and it says A Thoroughly Southern Mystery instead of MacLaren Yarbrough. I'm on page 30 and it sounds so familiar that I've either read it before or I have a very bad case of deja vu. They just introduced the character that did it, if I remember it right.

After my short but very cold walk in the snow in the dead of night (2 AM) I lit my 4 Apple-Cinnamon candles (2 large and 2 small) and watched the Fantastic Four DVD. I really like these smaller candles, the flames are burning so bright and cheery compared to the taller ones that you can barely see...and the smell, mmmm! Oh, and the movie...I didn't think too much of it. It was okay but I probably won't watch the sequel.

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