James (katsurian) wrote,

Miles Vorkosigan

I started Mirror Dance early this morning and have been reading it off and on throughout the day in between running errands & a couple of home fix-up projects.
The book would be more suspenseful if I didn't know that there were more books in the series with Miles in it. Since I know he is ultimately found and revived, it kind of takes away the "read it faster, I have to find out what happens next" syndrome!
There's 4 more to go in the series, the last one is the one I need to read for g8ways along with the first Jane Lindskold book in her Firekeeper series: Through Wolf's Eyes.
I've also added more books to my online bookshelf at parchayi.net. I'm up to 4363 which leaves about 1200 to go! But those are the multiple author series and I have them listed on the computer by series so they'll be a bit harder to add.

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