James (katsurian) wrote,

On the road again...

I put 23 miles on the bike today.
Stopped off at the shop to get a couple things adjusted (rear derailer and some loose spokes), at my grandparents to say happy birthday to my grandmother and to try to fix their answering machine (not within my expertise but I have one I no longer use since I bought a cell phone so I'll take it over to them), and the grocery store.
I was going to stop at the Library too but #1 - I didn't have the books to return with me and #2 I was getting tired! Besides, now I have somewhere to go tomorrow - if my legs still work!

Next week I want to try part of the Springwater Corridor bike loop. I'm not doing the whole 40 mile loop...yet, I need to get myself in better shape for that! (Yes, round is a shape but not exactly what I meant) *g* I thought I'd catch it where it meets the I-205 bike path (I passed it today which gave me the idea!) and take it on down to the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge (I haven't been there before, didn't even know it was there!) before heading back home.
Tags: cycling

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