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books and music

I stopped in the bookstore to pick up a book (imagine that!) that I heard was released early and just happened to find that Jane Lindskold has a new Firekeeper novel out. This is the 5th book in the series while I'm currently reading the 3rd. I made the mistake of pulling it off the shelf. Yep, I found out what happens in the fourth book. This is the reason I don't read the reviews, especially from Amazon, or back covers of books that I know I'll be reading.
No, the book I was looking for was not released early in my area :( *sob*
Another reason to not pick books off the shelf...you walk out with too many of them! And they're not ones I went in to look for or authors that I've previously read.

At work last night I went off on a real song lyric tangent and somehow ended up with this partial song stuck in my head (go figure!:). I can't remember enough of it and it's driving me absolutely bonkers. Does anyone know something about "they call the wind Mariah?"
Ha, online lookup, duh! It's the Kingston Trio:

Away out here they have a name for rain and wind and fire.
The rain is Tess, the fire's Joe and they call the wind Mariah.

Mariah blows the stars around and sets the clouds a-flyin'.
Mariah makes the mountains sound like folks was out there dyin'.

Mariah. (Mariah).
Mariah. (Mariah).
They call the wind Mariah.

Before I knew Mariah's name and heard her wail and whinin',
I had a gal and she had me and the sun was always shinin'.

But then one day I left my gal.
I left her far behind me
and now I'm lost, so gol' darn lost
not even God can find me.

Mariah. (Mariah).
Mariah. (Mariah).
They call the wind Mariah.

Out here they have a name for rain and wind and fire only.
When you're lost and all alone, there ain't no name for lonely.
And I'm a lost and lonely man without a star to guide me.
Mariah blow my love to me. I need my gal beside me.

Mariah. (Mariah.)
They call the wind Mariah.
Mariah. (Mariah.)
They call the wind Mariah.

Tom Dooley, M.T.A., Blue-Eyed Gal, etc. That explains it. Good songs but a long time since I've heard them.

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