James (katsurian) wrote,

And they're off...

Well, almost off. I have one more shift to work before I can head outta town.
The camper's on the truck - plugged in with the fridge on. I'll need to unplug from the house and tighten the camper down. I'm pretty much packed up, just need to put the food and a few other things in. I need to stop at a couple stores to pick up a couple things but I'm waiting 'til the bike shop opens to see if my wheel is ready yet. You'd think after two weeks I could pick it up.

Yesterday I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling several toolbars that got corrupted for IE, then couldn't get them situated how they were before. *Grrr* So now I'm relearning where all the buttons to press are! Refound my Axis and Allies CD game in the computer so now I'm wasting time playing that when I could be doing something constructive -like cleaning house...naw, I don't think so! :) Reading On Basilisk Station would be more like it.

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