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Books and what I'm looking forward to!

Okay, that's a disappointment. I was looking forward to a new Valor novel by Tanya Huff in Dec. Well, I just found out that A Confederation of Valor is an omnibus edition of the first two books. The third book, Valor's Trial will be released around Sept. 2007. Hopefully!

The Assassin King by Elizabeth Haydon is now supposed to be Jan 2007. This is, what?, the fourth or fifth change of date but this one's been moved up instead of back. I've had it on preorder for over a year now.

Sept. seems to be a mystery month.
Rachel Caine's fifth Weather Warden, Firestorm, being the exception.
Vicki Stiefel has her third Tally Whyte book, The Grief Shop
Her husband, William G. Tapply, has his 24th Brady Coyne, Out Cold, coming out on the 18th.
Claudia Bishop starts a new series with The Case of the Roasted Onion
Parnell Hall has his seventh Puzzle Lady, Stalking The Puzzle Lady
Nero Blanc's twelfth crossworder mystery, Death on the Diagonal has been out since June but I missed seeing it. :(

Oct. is a big month for sci-fi/fantasy books.
Maria Snyder's second book, Magic Study
Marie Brennan's second book, Warrior & Witch
Kristine Kathryn Rusch's fifth Retrieval Artist book, Paloma
Tamora Pierce's first Bekka Cooper (was Provost Dog), Terrier
David Weber's first Multiverse (with Linda Evans), Hell's Gate
Mike Shepherd's (Mike Moscoe) fourth Kris Longknife, Kris Longknife, Resolute
I'm not sure which one to read first. Fortunately, the last two come out at the last of the month instead of the first so I only have four to choose from but, oh, what a choice!

Nov. & Dec. is rather small.
Katherine Hall Page's sixteenth Faith Fairchild, The Body in the Ivy
Charlaine Harris's second Harper Connelly, Grave Surprise
James A. Hetley's second?, Dragon's Teeth
Carol O'Connell's ninth Kathy Mallory, Find Me, is the only one I have listed for Dec. and it's right after Christmas.


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Aug. 24th, 2006 10:17 am (UTC)
Amen to Provosts dog!
What I'm looking forward to!
'The End', Lemony Snicket
'Artemis Fowl # 5', Eoin Colfer
'The Sending', Isobelle Carmody
'Darkbane', Isobelle Carmody (!!!!!!!!)
'Emissary', Fiona McIntosh
'The Last Days', Scott Westerfeld
'New Moon', Stephenie Meyer (when I order it :/)
'Torments of the Traitor', Ian Irvine
'Weatherwitch', Cecilia Dart-Thornton
and so on and so forth. :P
Aug. 24th, 2006 03:29 pm (UTC)
Is there a date on The Sending yet? Very little else of hers is available in the US :(
I know you were talking about another series of hers that you thought were better than the Obernewton Chronicles. Unfortunately, they were not released in the US.

I recently found out there's a fifth Artemis Fowl release. I thought he had quit that series when he started the Half-Moon series.

I take it that's the last book in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events?
Aug. 26th, 2006 12:03 pm (UTC)
There isn't a date, although I have been reassured that it's THIS October. ... lets hope.
yes!!! The series I like better. Too bad for you, that you don't have it! You're so unlucky... that series is love.
Hurrah! Artemis Fowl... go!
Yep. Last in the Sieres of Unfortunate Events! Finally. Thirteenth and last. You sort of got that 'The End' was the end... also, because the 12th book was called 'The Penultimate Peril'. :P
Aug. 26th, 2006 04:32 pm (UTC)
Y e a h, that's what they said last October. I think it started June 2001 and kept getting moved back.
I hope The Assassin King doesn't do that again too. It's due out Jan 2007 and is the fifth? delay since March 2005, if I remember right.
Aug. 26th, 2006 10:13 pm (UTC)
I think that this October is THE October. Gee, I hope so. They can't push it back any furthur, or I will seriously kill something!!!
'The Assassin King'? Robin Hobb?
Aug. 27th, 2006 04:57 pm (UTC)
Oh dear. There goes another pillow. At least, I hope that's where all those feathers have come from.
Oh wait, you've already shoved Baltar out the airlock. *grin* If that didn't kill him, nothing will!

Elizabeth Haydon. The Rhapsody trilogy is now, or rather will be in Jan., six books long!
Aug. 28th, 2006 08:32 am (UTC)
No, Baltar isn't dead. The airlock failed and so he's stuck in life. Damn him. *screams in frustration* God I hate that... *bleep bleep bleepbleep bleep bleeeeeep!*
Yes... errr... pillows. *surreptitiously hides chicken corpse*
Hm... I must have a look at this Elizabeth Haydon...
*giggles* Like the Hitchhiker's 'Trilogy'? That amused me so much... 'the trilogy of five'... or was it six?
Aug. 28th, 2006 09:36 am (UTC)
So he's just as nasty in the 2nd version as he was in the 1st. Although, they did manage to kill him off in the first series.
Chicken feathers? Not goose or duck? Maybe swan? Just put the chicken in the oven and have it for dinner. Eat the evidence and no one will ever know!
Five, with two omnibus editions of the whole series.
There's also the Samaria trilogy but the two books after the first three were prequels so I'm not sure that counts!
Aug. 29th, 2006 10:01 am (UTC)
Eh? Do you watch 'Battlestar Galactica'? Or am I missing the point? (the latter being most likely!)
Yes, the oven does look like a jolly good place to destroy evidence. Oooh, I could have it marinated!
God, thats a long and convoluted history of a series. I prefer the straightforward trilogies, quartets or duologies. Standalones are acceptable if they're good enough to be a good read but not so good that you want more, more, MORE!!!
Getting a little carried away there :P
Aug. 29th, 2006 05:14 pm (UTC)
I watched the first few episodes of the 2nd version (the one you're watching) but they seemed to be rehashing the original series with different characters so I quit watching it.
I've heard they finally quit doing the old plots but I've gotten rid of the cable tv service since then.
I almost didn't read them once I found out that they were prequels but they turned out to be pretty good. The nice thing about trilogies and quartets is you know that there will be an end. I've been known to hold onto the books until the series is complete and then spend the weekend completely immersed in that world. :)
Sep. 1st, 2006 08:39 am (UTC)
No, they are definately not rehashing the original.
BSG-03 is SO different from '60!!! Lets just list a few different factors:
- Female characters! Down with misogynism!
- A cool Starbuck (a she Starbuck! Even better!)
- No retarded-looking toasters. The new Centurions are sleek and metally and cool. Not to mention scary.
- Human-looking Cylons.
- Baltar isn't inherently evil. He's just... err... misguided, shall we say.
- Better special effects!
- A viable storyline!
- No stupid child-leader thing. What's with him, anyways?
- No ridiculous time-travel.
- Screwed-up characters... that are cool!
- Humour!
- And finally... it's not going to be cancelled after a season or two!
Okay, I've exhausted that avenue. But have I made my point?
I admire your self-restraint. Usually, I don't wait for the entire series to come out. I read the first/second and then pine for the sequels. Bad me!
I wish I could do the weekend immersion thing. But parents and brothers and sporting committments do not make for happy immersion. What I wouldn't give for a glass box.
Sep. 1st, 2006 05:18 pm (UTC)
So why didn't they come up with a different name for the show?
What stupid child-leader thing? Adama was in charge; his son, Apollo was a squadron leader but definitely not a child.
Time-travel? What series are we talking about here?
Hey, it went three seasons but the third season was under a slightly different name! lol

Oh, it depends on the series. If I know the next one's coming out next year, I'll probably read the first book. It's when the author takes a couple years in between books that I've been known to hold onto it until the series is out. Maggie Furey's Shadowleague trilogy was one that I waited several years for and then read it in a couple days. Oh the suspense, I had to find out what happened next! lol
I can't do it every week but can usually find a spare weekend once a year or so :)
Sep. 3rd, 2006 07:51 am (UTC)
*shrugs* They thought that rehashing it would be good.
I agree with them.
I have no idea about the child-leader thing. Whenever I watched it, I saw this blonde child thing giving out orders and etcetera.
How can you do that? The self-restraint is admirable!!! Personally, I'm a weakling. I must read, read, READ!!!
What I wouldn't give for any weekends! Between cleaning the house and work and homework and parents nagging and sport, I never get a whole weekend to do whatever I want :P
Sep. 3rd, 2006 04:17 pm (UTC)
I watched it for a few episodes but without original plots I gave up on it. I did the same thing with Star Trek: The Next Generation until someone told me the second season was much better and with original stories. But I don't watch tv any more. Hmm, don't remember any blond child. Oh well and as you say...*shrugs*

I just put them out of sight until the last book comes out and read something else! It's when you read the trilogy and then find out it's a quartet that gets frustrating.
And here I thought that you were supposed to get everything done during the week so that the weekends could be playtime! Of course, my job now usually gives me split days off so I have 2 one day weekends! In the middle of the week. When everyone else is working. Come to think of it, I never had weekends free when I lived at home either, working every sat. and every fourth sun.
Isn't sport something you want to do though? :D
Sep. 4th, 2006 11:00 am (UTC)
Knew you'd point that out *rolls eyes*
Sep. 4th, 2006 12:42 pm (UTC)
Very literal, that's me, driving everyone crazy even when I don't mean to! lol
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