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I made my 25 book quota for the month, now just need 7 more to make up for last month!
My house is a disaster, the yard's a mess, and I'm sitting here reading.
Well, if I cleaned the house, it would just get dirty again; any weeds I pull, bushes I trim, and grass I mow just grows again, and there's always another book to read!
Does this make me the world's worst procrastinator or the best? lol
But, just like the last time, it's starting to drive me nuts so it's time again to get out the rubber gloves, the shovel, and the dumpster. Okay, it's not that bad, a couple hours and the place will be just like new - on the inside. The yard will take a little longer.
And, like last time, I swear I will never let it get like this again. I will make up a daily schedule to keep the place clean. That'll last about 6 months. Does this sound at all familiar?

I got the bike back from the shop, rode 5 miles and broke 2 spokes. Again. I took it over to a bike dealer and they said that the spokes aren't strong enough so I'm going to ask the shop what they're going to do about it. The warm, dry, riding season is almost over and the bike's been in the shop more than it's been on the road.

Mom says the cookie container for the kids is empty again and they sure would like some when school starts in a couple weeks.
But Mom, it's 95 degrees outside.
You're used to it, you work in a bakery.
So, I guess I pick up some eggs and make cookies next week.

I'm currently reading Wolf Captured by Jane Lindskold. Next up is The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde.

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