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Book finished: A Going Concern

I finished #14 "A Going Concern" by Catherine Aird this morning. I rate it a 7.
How could a harmless old woman have acquired so many enemies?
Octavia Garamond's last wishes were as unusual as the life that proceeded them. A police presence at her funeral. A full examination of her body. And a mysterious request to trace a missing person. What was the secret of Octavia's past?
Arriving to supervise the old lady's burial, Detective Inspector Sloan finds himself completely unprepared for the chaos that follows.
A burglary is only the first clue to the event Octavia Garamond feared most. Murder...

Next book in the series is "Injury Time." I finished "Legacy's Gift" by Joanna Campbell yesterday. It's the last one in the series. I'm still reading "Date with a Perfect Dead Man" by Annie Griffin at work.
Tags: 2005, catherine aird, joanna campbell

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