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August books

I've outdone myself! Not only have I managed to read more than a book a day this month, I've read over ten thousand pages in one month! I'm also back on track for my goal of reading three hundred books this year. Two hundred down and one hundred to go!

August Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 David Weber The Short Victorious War 376 10 Science Fiction
2 David Weber Field of Dishonor 367 10 Science Fiction
3 David Weber Flag in Exile 442 10 Science Fiction
4 Arthur G. Slade Draugr 171 7 YA
5 JoAnna Carl The Chocolate Bridal Bash 226 8 Mystery
6 Arthur G. Slade The Haunting of Drang Island 160 7 YA
7 Mariane Curley Old Magic 317 9 YA
8 Dawn Cook Princess at Sea 344 7 Fantasy
9 Terri Farley Wild Hony 291 8 YA
10 P. J. Tracy Snow Blind 311 9 Mystery
11 Mary Daheim Saks and Violins 341 7 Mystery
12 William G. Tapply The Elements of Mystery Fiction 187 7 Non-Fiction
13 John Sandford Dead Watch 373 7 Mystery
14 Jane Lindskold The Dragon of Despair 729 7 Fantasy
15 Pierre Boulle Planet of the Apes 248 8 Science Fiction
16 Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights 401 5 Fiction
17 Karen Ripley The Persistence of Memory 247 8 Science Fiction
18 Karen Ripley The Warden of Horses 425 8 Science Fiction
19 Karen Ripley The Alchemists of Time 470 8 Science Fiction
20 Arthur G. Slade Tribes 134 7 YA
21 Sarah Graves Nail Biter 260 8 Mystery
22 Alan Garner The Weirdstone of Brisingamen 253 6 YA
23 Arthur G. Slade Dust 183 7 YA
24 Jasper Fforde The Big Over Easy 383 7 Mystery
25 Phillip Margolin Proof Positive 314 7 Mystery
26 Jasper Fforde The Fourth Bear 378 7 Mystery
27 Marcia Muller Cape Perdido 306 7 Mystery
28 Mary Daheim The Alpine Quilt 303 7 Mystery
29 Susan Wittig Albert Thyme of Death 309 7 Mystery
30 Gordon Korman The Abduction 137 9 Juvenile
31 Gordon Korman The Search 138 9 Juvenile
32 Jane Lindskold Wolf Captured 709 9 Fantasy



Sep. 4th, 2006 12:35 pm (UTC)
I'm halfway through the second book, The Dark, and it seems that she's making the pairing of soul-mates rather obvious.
Matt seems pretty strange to me and how Isabel puts up with him is beyond me. How would you like to wake up to find your brother in your room watching you while you slept? Ugh.
Sep. 7th, 2006 09:53 am (UTC)
Matt is so annoying!!!
YOU SHOULD SEE... oh wait, you've read The Key now. Omg!!! As if Matt could do that to Isabel and Arkarian!!! eevil!!!!
he takes overprotective to a whole new level *rolls eyes*
Sep. 7th, 2006 04:52 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I kind of thought I'd end up reading all three books in two days! It was a time travel trilogy after all and I really like those when they've been well thought out. This one had a nice twist. Then I ended up finding and reading Tanya Huff's Smoke and Ashes too. I got a whole hour and a half of sleep before work! :(
I was hoping Isabel would really lay into Matt. *shakes head*

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