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What happened?

It seems my journal entry yesterday didn't post, must have went into sub?hyper?cyber?space. Oh well. I'll change the date to Nov. 1 and type it in again!
I was restless yesterday, couldn't seem to settle down to read just one book. I started David Weber's new Honor Harrington book "At All Costs" and thirty minutes later I was up, heading for a different room and reading #2 "Extremes" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch which I had started Sunday night at work. Thirty minutes later I was on the computer for a while then started the routine all over again. Didn't make it halfway through "At All Costs" which was why I had wanted Sunday night off too. But it wasn't to be and I'm working six days this week. Maybe next week too since it seems third shifts foreman who is on light duty this week is on vacation next week.

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