James (katsurian) wrote,

What a great poem


A moment gone, a moment captured
In this countenance displayed -
An image, bloodless, everlasting
An instant Death cannot dissuade.

Herein the goodly spirit,
Herein the sorrows woe,
Herein both truth and falsehood -
What will the likeness sow?

A thousand thoughts on paper
Captured by this hand
Inscribed for time eternal,
An amaranthine land.

Like stars hung in the Heavens,
Like books shelved on a wall,
Now you have made this monument
Even Death cannot befall!

"Tis true the image cannot tell
what secrets lie within -
If the heart of one is troubled
If the mind of one has sinned.

But perhaps the greater purpose
Of this new and valiant art
Is to keep the memory sweet
When another loses heart.

For a man who's well remembered
In mind, in thought, in tale,
For him, life is eternal
And Death shall finally fail!

I just thought I'd share this poem from the back of the book I just finished, written in the style of Edgar Allan Poe, that really, really liked.
Tags: poem

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