James (katsurian) wrote,

Happy Halloween

I got my eye patch, dagger, and bandanna all ready for work tonight! I'm Bloody Black James, Argh! I'll make ye walk de plank. :) Last year I wore the knife through my head!

I ended up taking the cookies over yesterday after all. The cable guy is over there hooking up the broadband phone for Mom when I get there. She says she's glad I'm there, now the technician can explain the phone to me because she won't remember how it all works!
He gets it all hooked up and says he can answer any question we might have in regards to the phone.
Mom says, "We won't have any long distance charges for calls anywhere in the US.
He says, "There's no long distance phone calls anywhere in the US or Canada."
She asks, "Does that include Hawaii?"
He answers, "Yes."
I pipe up, "Does that include Peurto Rico and Guam, since they're US Territories?"
He looks at me, surprised by the question, "I don't know, no one has ever asked that question before."
Mom slaps my shoulder, "You don't call anyone there."
"No, but someone else might," I replied.
"Well, I'm sure he's gonna find out now."
"Oh yes, it's a good question," was the technician's reply.
I'm so glad I could help! lol

My sister doesn't know that I brought cookies over yet so I haven't heard any comments from her about that note.

I ended up reading five books on my two days off! Only one of them was already started and had only forty or fifty pages left. And the four complete books only totaled up to 895 pages which is the size of one large Fantasy book! So it's certainly not a record but it did bring my total for the month up from 18 books in 21 days to 31 books in 31 days! A book a day in October!! The bad part is that I've still got around 80 books sitting on my TBR shelves, 40 of them Library books with due dates of less than 28 days! Fortunately, most of them can be renewed!
But I'll figure out what I'm reading next month later. Right now I need to head out into the sunshine and take a walk.

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