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No time

"Time waits for one man" is a line from the movie The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything which I have never forgotten. Robert Hayes inherits a gold pocket watch from his very wealthy grandfather...and that's all. No money, no fancy cars, no villas in Spain, Bermuda or wherever, just a gold watch. His girlfriend, Pam Dawber, discovers that the watch stops time for the person who has it. No wonder Morgan Fairchild offered him a fortune for the watch!

Anyhow, what I'm trying to say is that I'm running behind. It's the end of Nov. and I just finished Tam Lin for bookwyrmmes and have several posts I was going to make but need to get to sleep for work tonight. Oh, that reminds me - the boss called me upstairs when I got off work this morning and says...
*drumroll* I'm next in line for the opening on dayshift! D I want it?
Whoohoo...Yippee...Yahooo! :-D
I told him I'd like to take the two weeks to see how well I'd like it. After 20+ years working nights, it'll take some getting used to!
I got creative at work last night and was going to write a couple stories down but after getting off work late and finishing up this book - I'll just have to do it tomorrow!!
Off to bed
To sleep, perchance to dream...

(I've been reading way too much Tam Lin!)

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