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Feed by M. T. Anderson is a YA book though not the fantasy/sci-fi that I usually read. Although they are going to the moon for some fun and there are transmitters implanted in their brains...
According to the jacket cover it's a smart, savage satire about the nature of consumerism and what it means to be a teenager in America. Between the vocabulary - grammar, foul language, and teenage speak which almost seems to be a language of its own! - and the moody little funk I'm in, I can't get into the story. I may try it again later but it's doubtful.

I've started Hell's Gate by David Weber and Linda Evans and it's interesting. A bit too technical for me today though, learning not just one society but two. I'm looking forward to it when this cloud I'm under passes by.

I need to read 2 more books by the end of the year to make my goal. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem ;D but I find myself drawn to the computer, editing my online Library collection instead. I think I'll work on the Catherine Aird books and go for a walk to try to clear my head. I've also pulled out the 2 Sammi Carter books to try: the Candy Shop mysteries - complete with recipes, That should do it. I love a good recipe, especially the sweet kind!

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