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January books

The books on my tbr shelves are slowly dwindling. I read eighteen books last month and here are some short reviews under the cut.

Finding Me by Carol O'Connell is the latest in her Kathy Mallory series.
A fantastic book that had me hooked 'til the very last page. Kathy comes across a letter written by her father about his journey down Route 66 and decides to take the same journey. Back in New York, her NYPD partner finds a dead woman in Kathy's apartment and starts a search for Kathy. Bodies are starting to turn up along Route 66, the work of a serial killer that's been operating for years. Kathy is now on his trail.

Chocolate Dipped Death by Sammi Carter is the second book in her Candy Shop series.
It was okay but I'm a little disappointed with this series. Abby Shaw inherits Divinity, a candy shop, from her aunt and returns to her small hometown in Colorado to run it. Savannah, whom the whole town seems to hate, returns home after 20 years and wins the annual candy making competition. The next day she disappears but her body turns up shortly thereafter.

Unwanted Company, Unfinished Business, No Man Standing, Unpaid Dues, Unwilling Accomplice, An Unacceptable Death by Barbara Seranella are the last 6 books in her Munch Mancini series.
I enjoyed them, some more than others, as the story of Munch unfolds.

A Deeper Sleep by Dana Stabenow is the latest in her Kate Shugak series.
This was another fantastic book that had me going to the last page. I couldn't believe that ending. A man everyone knows is guilty is found not guilty in his trial because everyone on the jury is scared of him. Two weeks later, an eyewitness places him at the scene of a robbery that leaves two people dead and the question is - will he get away with it again?

The 7 Secrets of Slim People by Vikki Hansen.
It was interesting and I'm trying some things out.

New Year's Eve Murder by Leslie Meier is the latest in the Holiday mystery series with Lucy Stone.
I'm getting disappointed with this series. This is the twelfth in the series and it seems to be the same old thing as the last half dozen.

The Case of the Roasted Onion by Claudia Bishop is the first in a new series called The Casebooks of Dr. MacKenzie.
It was pretty good. A retired professor and veterinarian opens a clinic in Trumansville, New York but when two other vets are murdered, Dr. MacKenzie takes on an investigation himself.

Dragon's Teeth by James A. Hetley is the sequel to Dragon's Eye.
I liked the first one better, this one turned a bit more occultish than I cared for.
The Haskell Witches and the shapeshifting Morgans join forces against a sorcerous drug lord.

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris is the first of her Sookie Stackhouse series.
I was very disappointed with this one. I enjoy her other three series very much and was looking forward to another great series to read. Sookie is a mind-reading waitress with a vampire boyfriend.

The Misenchanted Sword by Lawrence Watt-Evans is the first in his Legends Of Ethshar series.
A humorous book though not as funny as I was expecting by the title. Plenty of possibilities though for the rest of the series when I find them. A magical sword that can't be defeated. It won't let you die, though you can be injured or maimed, until you've drawn it 100 times and then it will kill you.

Southern Fried, Done Gone Wrong by Cathy Pickens is the first two books in her Avery Andrews series.
It was pretty good. Avery is a lawyer who returns to her hometown after losing her job at a prestigious law firm in South Carolina.

The Chosen by Alex Archer is the latest in the Rogue Angel series.
Good book with lots of action though a sword against an Uzi isn't exactly realistic!

I'm currently reading Priestess of the White by Trudi Canavan. The first book in her Age of Five trilogy.
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