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Last week Mom calls and asks if I've got the next book in the Passport to Peril series. She just finished Hula Done It and just has to see what happens next. Saturday I dropped off the next one, G'Day to Die and yesterday she calls up and asks for the next one. It's not out yet. She made the mistake of reading the first chapter of next book and now has to wait until...hmm, the last one came out in Nov. 2006 so at least towards the end of this year.

I managed to finish Priestess of the White last night even after a very long day at work. It left me with plenty of speculation of where the trilogy will go next. I've barely started the next book, Last of the Wilds, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time for books_au.

Now I've got to Restart the Computer for Update Central and then its off to bed.
G'night all.

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