James (katsurian) wrote,

At least I had something to amuse me while stuck in rush hour traffic. Looking in the rearview mirror on one of the numerous occasions where I'm waiting for the car ahead of me to move, the guy behind me is talking, making hand gestures, and looking over at the passenger side of the car - which is empty. Looked again, nope, nobody there or in the back seat. He's the only one in the car. Five minutes later when his head is turned the other way, oh, he's wearing one of those headset phone thingies! Guess he's just one of those people that talks with his hands! And yes, I'm easily amused :D
Finally got home (20 some years working nights doesn't leave me much experience with rush hour traffic. I didn't know there were that many people in Portland!!!) in over twice the time it normally takes me to find Amazon came to my house today! lol And I've got two days off in a row this week!

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