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Another experiment turns out well! :-)
I added some cinnamon to my chocolate chip cookies & wow, I love these! There's just a hint of maple since I replaced one teaspoon with vanilla but I didn't want to overpower the cinnamon. I'm keeping some of these for me instead of taking them all over to the kids. :D There goes my daily sugar intake, which wasn't going so good this week anyway.

I finished the second book, Hide, in Lisa Gardner's Bobby Dodge series last night. This one is just as suspenseful as the last one, keeping me up a couple hours past bedtime in order to finish the book! An underground chamber is found in the abandoned Massachusetts insane asylum with six mummified corpses in it. Bobby's only lead is an inscribed necklace on one of the women's neck. When a woman shows up at the police station after reading about her death in the newspaper, the questions are just beginning for Bobby.
Currently reading Glossed and Found, the third and latest book in India Ink's Bath and Body series.

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