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June books

Not since 2004 when I moved and had eye surgery have I averaged less than triple digit pages per day...until now. Only 7 books read in June with a 98 page per day average. Well, it was close to triple digits. :D

Manda Scott The Crystal Skull Thriller based on the Mayan calendar ending in 2012. Interesting book.
Yxta Maya Murray The Queen Jade Archeology mystery. Bookstore owner heads for Guatamala in search of her mother who disappeared during a hurricane while searching for the legendary Mayan Queen Jade. Good book, looking for #2.
Jo Dereske Index to Murder The 11th book in librarian Helma Zukas mystery series. Good book.
David Weber & Steve White In Death Ground The 2nd book in the Starfire science fiction series. Good book.
Alice Kimberly The Ghost and the Femme Fatale The 4th book in the Haunted Bookshop mystery series. Good book.
Nevada Barr Winter Study The 14th book in Park Ranger Anna Pigeon series. Better than the last two were.
Karen Miller The Awakened Mage The last book in the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology. The first one was good, this one I didn't care for.
Spock Strange

May books

It seems I forgot to post my books read during the month of May.

Susan Wittig Albert Her latest China Bayle's Herb Shop mystery, Nightshade
Katherine Hall Page Her latest Faith Fairchild mystery, The Body in the Gallery
John Scalzi His trilogy - Old Man's War, The Ghost Brigade, The Last Colony and a stand alone novel, The Android's Dream
David Weber & Steve White The first and last books in their Starfire Quartet, Insurrection is the last one and Crusade is the first one. (The last one was the first one written)
Alex Archer His latest Rogue Angel, The Soul Stealer
Steve Perry, Portland Author!, Trinity Vector
Gail Fraser The first three in her Lumby series, The Lumby Lines, Stealing Lumby, Lumby's Bounty
Randy Striker AKA Randy Wayne White, The first in his Mac Devlin series, Key West Connection, and the last one I'm reading in that series. I like his Doc Ford mysteries.
Karen Miller The first in her Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duet, The Innocent Mage
Sally Gunning her first historical novel, The Widow's War

A grand total of 17 books with 3 new authors this month.

April books

April showers brings more book reading time! I caught up on a lot of books in my tbr stacks with one new author, a second new series, and several latest books in favorite series.

The new author is Judith Cutler with The Food Detective, the first book in the Josie Welford series. Josie's trying to make improvements to her pub but after changing food suppliers she's forced to deal with some strange mischief like unwanted deliveries, break-ins, and canceled orders. The new Food Standards Inspector, who put her late husband in jail, helps her get to the heart of the problem.

Rachel Caine, author of The Weather Warden series started a new series late last year that has been sitting on my tbr shelf because of my reluntance to read yet another vampire series. Glass Houses, Dead Girl's Dance, and Midnight Alley are the first 3 books in The Morgansville Vampire series that I ended up reading in 4 working days! Sixteen-year-old Claire Daniels is starting her first year of college close to home in Morgansville, Texas. What she doesn't know is that the town is run by vampires and not all students make the grade. A very enjoyable series though Rachel Caine continues her habit of the Weather Warden series by ending each book with a cliff-hanger ending!

Elizabeth Moon finished off her Vatta's War series so I started with number one and read all the way through: Trading in Danger, Marque and Reprisal, Engaging the Enemy, Command Decisions, and Victory Conditions. Kylara Vatta, after being forced to resign from the Space Academy, takes command of Vatta Transport's oldest trading vessel on it's final journey to end up in the scrapyard. But Ky has other plans, for with enough trade she can upgrade her ship to keep the ship spaceworthy and herself in command. Sailing into an interplanetary war wasn't one of them.

I finished off the Jack Daniels series by J. A. Konrath with Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail and Dirty Martini. That's the end of the series for me. She's still an imsomniac Chicago homicide detective searching for yet another serial killer with an up-and-down love life. These Guns for Hire was his anthology of authors writing about hitmen. Thirty-one stories in almost 500 pages with some great stories in there.

The latest Rett MacPherson novel, The Blood Ballad continues her geneologist Tori O'Shea series with a supposed lost family secret come to light.

Carrot Cake Murder is the latest Hannah Swensen by Joanne Fluke. The mystery was good and there wasn't so much in the Norman vs. Mike debacle in this book. Lots of interesting recipes too including Rocky Road Bar Cookies, Red Velvet Cookies (like the cake only as a cookie!), and Black Forest Brownies!! :) Yeah, I'm a Chocoholic!

The latest three Terri Farley Wild Horse Island stories: Castaway Colt, Fire Maiden, and Sea Shadow before taking them over for my neices to read.

Jennifer Chiaverini has a new Elm Creek Quilt novel. The Winding Ways Quilt sees some of the founding members leaving Elm Creek and getting to know the new members who are coming in as replacements.

Carolyn G. Hart has a new Death on Demand novel with Death Walked In. After his last adventure, Max no longer wants to run his business. But when he ignores the call of a potential new client who is later found dead next door to their new home he feels guilty about not taking the call. With his conviction of the innocence of the police's main suspect, Max and Annie enter the investigation themselves.

And, of course, the rereading continuation of my David Weber collection. The last book in the Honor Harrington series: At All Costs; and the first two books in the Mutineer's Moon trilogy: Mutineer's Moon and The Armageddon Inheritance.

March books

Other than the 8 books by David Weber that I reread last month to finish off his Honor Harrington series, I only managed to read 2 new books by previously read authors.
Ashes of Victory, War of Honor, Crown of Slaves, More Than Honor, Worlds of Honor, Changer of Worlds, The Service of the Sword, & Shadow of Saganami,

Toni L. P. Kelner starts off a new mystery series Where Are They Now? with Without Mercy. Freelance magazine writer Tilda Harper writes about stars from popular old television series and one of her articles seems to be the inspiration for someone to start killing off the stars in one of her favorite shows. Now Tilda's searching for the one star she couldn't find to interview to warn her that she could be the next victim...if she's not the killer. Good book but I prefer her Laura Fleming series.

Alex Archer has a new Rogue Angel book, Provenance, which has Annja Creed battling pirates for an unknown relic of immeasurable power. It's another "didn't put it down 'til the end" book in the series although I was a bit irritated since the archeological treasure isn't mentioned by name, just that the world wasn't ready to see it yet.

February books

The end of this month turned into a rereading frenzy of David Weber's Honor Harrington series: On Basilisk Station, The Honor of the Queen, The Short Victorious War, Field of Dishonor, Flag in Exile, Honor Among Enemies, and Echoes of Honor. I may just keep going on his other science fiction series when I finish this one! Love 'em.

I finished off the pet-sitting mystery series by Linda O. Johnston with Meow is for Murder and Fright of the Iguana. Okay. I enjoyed them but I'll probably get any others through the library. Pet-sitter and attorney Kendra Ballantyne resolves animal disputes while solving murders.

J. A. Jance has a new Alison Reynolds book out - Hand of Evil. Very good. Ex-newscaster turned blogger after she's laid off gets involved in solving the beating death of her father's employee while helping a friend search for his runaway daughter.

Four new authors this month include
John J. Lamb and his Bear Collector mystery series. The Mournful Teddy, The False-Hearted Teddy, and The Crafty Teddy. Excellent. Very punny. I loved them, reading all three in two days. Retired San Francisco homicide detective moves to Virginia and finds that teddy bear collecting can be murder. One of the things I like about these is that at the end of the book he doesn't try to confront the suspect without back up.

Julie Hyzy has the first book in her White House Chef mystery series. State of the Onion. Very good. I'm looking forward to the next one. White House assistant chef Olivia Paras is one of two contenders for the top spot, Executive Chef, when Henry retires. She witnesses a murder and is now the only one who can identify the infamous assassin known as the Chameleon.

J. A. Konrath has four books so far in his Lt. Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels mystery series. The jury's still out on this one. It's a bit harder than I thought it would be which is fine with me. Lt. Jack Daniels is a Chicago cop hunting a serial killer who calls himself the Gingerbread Man. Very discriptive homicides like Robert W. Walker's Instinct books.

Arena is a fantasy by Karen Hanckock. Strange but okay. Callie Hayes is talked into volunteering for a psychology experiment by her best friend. Changing her mind too late, she finds herself in the Arena with minimal supplies to find her way out.

January Books

Eleven books read last month including one new author.

Kelly McCullough's fantasy book, WebMage, was an interesting read combining magic and computers along with Greek mythology. A fun read.

I finished up Ron Lovell's Tom Martindale series with Murder Below Zero and don't plan on reading any more.

K. J. Erickson's Marshall "Mars" Bahr is another mystery series that I've gotten caught up with. Good books about a Minnesota homicide detective nicknamed The Candy Man - for obvious reasons! The Last Witness and Alone at Night were numbers three and four in the series and the ending of that last one really sent the chills down my spine.

Sue Grafton's T is for Trespass continues her Kinsey Milhone series.
J. A. Jance continues her Alison Reynold's blogger series with Web of Evil. (Yes I'm a little behind the times. Her third one in the series was just released.)

Robin Wasserman has a fantastic YA trilogy called Chasing Yesterdays. Betrayal and Truth concludes the story of Jane Doe, amnesiac extraordinaire. (Kind of a cross between TVs John Doe and Dark Angel :)

Alex Archer's latest Rogue Angel, Serpent's Kiss, was up to his usual standards, and, once again I read it straight through in one day!

I'm still reading Linda O. Johnston's pet-sitter mystery series, reading numbers two and three, Nothing to Fear but Ferrets and Fine-Feathered Death last month. I've already finished the fourth one and start the fifth tomorrow! Another fun reading series about a suspended lawyer in Los Angeles who takes up pet-sitting to make ends meet until she can get her law license back.

And I'm off to watch one Stargate: Atlantis episode before heading to bed. Early day at work tomorrow means I have to get up at 2 AM...which is when I used to go to lunch - 15 months ago!