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December books

I managed to read another 15 books in December - including 3 new authors!

The first book, Awakening, in Robin Wasserman's YA Chasing Yesterday trilogy has an edge of your seat ending. I'm looking forward to the next two.
Ron Lovell is a local author and I enjoyed recognizing all the places he describes in his books. The mysteries are a bit predictible and the publishing order is not the chronological order is his Thomas Martindale series which was a bit disappointing since the first published one, Murder at Yaquina Head, gives away much of what will happen in the second one. The reading order on the three books I've read so far are: Dead Whales Tell No Tales, Lights! Camera! Murder! and Murder at Yaquina Head. The locale, Newport, Or., is the main reason I'll keep reading this series.
K. J. Erickson writes the Marshall "Mars" Bahr mystery series about a Minneapolis homicide detective that are pretty good. Third Person Singular and The Dead Survivor, the two I read in December, are good books but The Last Witness (which I finished this month) is exceptional.

I finished Cara Black's Aimee Leduc Investigations series to date with Murder in Montmatre and Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis. Nice books but that's probably the end of the series for me.

The latest books in mystery series I've been keeping up with include:
Parnell Hall's latest in his Puzzle Lady series, You Have the Right too Remain Puzzled.
Livia J. Washburn's Fresh-Baked mystery, Murder by the Slice.
William G. Tapply and Philip R. Craig's Brady Coyne/J. W. Jackson series collaboration, Third Strike.

I also picked up Sammi Carter's Candy Shop mystery, Peppermint Twisted for the price of Amazon shipping. An okay series but not one I had planned on continuing. It has a nice peppermint fondant recipe!

Kristine Smith ends her Jani Killian science fiction series with Endgame.
Kristen Britain continues her Green Rider fantasy series with The High King's Tomb.
Stephen Brust's latest Vlad Taltos book, Dzur, was also good though, like Kristine Smith, it's been 4 years between books and my memory isn't what it used to be! I also think that Vlad was in the Viscount Of Adrilankha trilogy because of some of the references made in this book and I haven't read that trilogy...yet.

November Books

Keeping up with my continuing series this month, I finally got to
Jasper Fforde with his latest Thursday Next novel, First Among Sequels.
Thursday Next continues as a Spec. Op. agent in The Book World while trying to motivate her son to join the Chronoguard.
I didn't like this one as much as the first four though it had it's humorous moments.

Charlaine Harris with her latest Harper Connelly mystery, An Icy Cold Grave.
Harper Connelly can commune with dead bodies ever since she was struck by lightning. She knows how they died but not who killed them. This time she's hired by a newly elected sheriff to find some teenage boys who have gone missing.
Good book even with the killer pegged early on.

Mike Shepherd and his latest Kris Longknife book, Kris Longknife: Audacious.
Kris Longknife isn't your ordinary princess. She joined the Space Force Navy and continues on with her mission.
Good book with a surprising ending. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Maddy Hunter with her latest Passport to Peril mystery, Norway to Hide.
Emily Andrews conducts her group of Iowans to Norway where they meet up with a group from Florida, one of whom ends up dead.
An absolutely hilarious book with Emily's ex-husband Jack, now known as Jackie after her operation, helping discover clues to whodunit.

Claudia Bishop has a holiday special Hemlock Falls mystery, A Carol for a Corpse.
The Quilliam sisters broker a deal with Kingsfield Publishing to help keep their Inn running in the black. When the corporate head is found at the bootom of the gorge in a skiing accident, it's up to Qwill to prove murder and whodunit before the sisters lose the Inn in the widow's threatened lawsuit.
Good book and I should have figured it out! (What's that they say about hindsight? lol)

Alex Archer with his latest Rogue Angel novel, Warrior Spirit.
Annja Creed is approached after her martial arts tournament while on vacation in Japan to help search for an ancient artifact given to a ninja warrior family.
An interesting and entertaining book.

Terri Farley and her latest Wild Horse Island book, Rain Forest Rose.
Darby gets another lesson in training her mustang on the Hawaiian Islands.
This one goes to my niece when she gets caught up.

Jennifer Chiaverini and her latest Elm Creek Quilt story, The New Year's Quilt.
Sylvia takes a trip down memory lane as she finishes up The New Year's Quilt for a special occasion.
A very good book though it seems inconsistent with how I remember some of the other books.

Leslie Caine with her latest Domestic Bliss mystery, Fatal Feng Shui.
Gilbert and Sullivan Designs takes on their first client whose neighbor is waging a feng shui war against her.
Another humorous Sullivan and Gilbert mystery.

Dolores Johnson with her last two books, released only in hardcover, in the Mandy Dyer series, Taking the Wrap and Pressed to Kill.
Mandy Dyer, owner of a dry cleaning business, finds the clues to murder in the clothes she takes in to clean.
Humorous mystery stories.

Cara Black was the new author I started last month with her Aimee Leduc Investigations series. Murder in Belleville, Murder in the Sentier, Murder in the Bastille, Murder in Clichy are the ones I've read this month.
Aimee owns a computer security private investigations firm in Paris, France.
Pretty good books.

No new authors this month though I've got a pile waiting on my tbr shelves.

October books

I only managed 12 books this month with all the projects I've been trying to accomplish this month.

Alex Archer Fantasy His latest Rogue Angel, Secret of the Slaves wasn't as good as the other books in the series. Annja heads down into the South American rain forest to find a lost city inhabited by the descendants of runaway slaves who have futuristic technology.

Terri Farley YA The Shining Stallion is the second book in the Wild Horse Island series. My niece is reading the first book in this series. She's taking after her uncle by reading three books at a time! :D

William G. Tapply Mystery One-Way Ticket is the latest in his Brady Coyne series. The Boston attorney intercedes with a local loan shark for a client who swears he didn't borrow money from them. Things escalate when his client's son is kidnapped and Brady's ladyfriend is called to the bedside of her terminally ill father in California.

Stephenie Meyer YA Fantasy Eclipse is the third book in this series.

John Sandford Mystery Dark of the Moon is the first book (I hope) in the Virgil Flower series, a spin-off to his Lucas Davenport (Prey) series.

Sarah Andrews Mystery I've been looking forward to In Cold Pursuit since reading the author's Antartica blog where she was doing research for this book. I was not disappointed! This is not part of her Em Hanson series though she's called upon for advise by the graduate student who headed to Antartica for her thesis paper. Only to find that her professor has been arrested for murder and she wasn't supposed to be there. Only by proving her professor innocent before the next plane out will she be able to stay.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch Science Fiction Recovery Man is the latest Retrival Artist novel and I haven't been disappointed in this series yet.

Sarah Graves Mystery Trap Door and The Book of Old Houses are the latest two in her Home Repair is Homicide series. She seems to be heading more and more into the paranormal mystery with Jacobia seeing her ex-husband's ghost in the house and a two-hundred-year old book found deep in her basement wall with a complete list of all the owners of the house, including hers, written in blood.

Shirley Damsgaard Mystery The Witch Hunt and The Witch is Dead are the latest two in the Ophelia and Abby series. Another paranormal mystery with a psychic librarian, her witch grandmother, and her adopted daughter the medium.

Cara Black Mystery Murder in the Marais is the first of seven in the Aimee Leduc series. A private investigator is Paris, France who specialized in computer security, Aimee's drawn into the field when she discovers the body of a murdered woman.

September Books

Only 11 books read this month but the start of a couple good series.
Sept. Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 Kathy Reichs Bone to Ashes 310 7 Mystery
2 Piers Anthony Unicorn Point 337 6 Science Fiction
3 Susan Wittig Albert Spanish Dagger 307 7 Mystery
4 Barbara Seranella Deadman's Switch 261 8 Mystery
5 Lynn Abbey Rifkind's Challenge 328 6 Fantasy
6 Livia J. Washburn A Peach of a Murder 251 7 Mystery
7 Linda O. Johnston Sit, Stay, Slay 295 7 Mystery
8 Susan Wittig Albert An Unthymely Death 254 7 Mystery
9 Lene Kaaberbol The Shamer's Daughter 235 6 YA
10 Piers Anthony Phase Doubt 302 7 Fantasy
11 Donna Andrews The Penguin Who Knew Too Much 262 8 Mystery

Most of the books this month are either the latest book in a series I'm reading or finishing up a series I've started.
Livia J. Washburn has a good start in her Fresh-Baked cozy mystery series. A retired school teacher and one of her boarders are competitors in the annual Peach Festival.
Linda O. Johnston is a series I'm holding judgment on. I like the characters but didn't like the motive for the first book. A suspended license lawyer turns to making a living by pet-sitting and renting out her Hollywood home.

August books

August Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 Stephenie Meyers Twilight 498 8 YA
2 Wen Spencer Wolf Who Rules 356 7 Science Fiction
3 Piers Anthony Blue Adept 327 6 Fantasy
4 Piers Anthony Juxtaposition 358 6 Fantasy
5 JoAnna Carl The Chocolate Jewel Case 228 4 Mystery
6 Rachel Caine Thin Air 309 7 Fantasy
7 Stephenie Meyers New Moon 563 7 YA
8 Joanne Pence Something's Cooking 328 5 Mystery
9 Joanne Pence Too May Cooks 343 5 Mystery
10 Joanne Pence To Catch a Cook 309 5 Mystery
11 Piers Anthony Out of Phaze 288 6 Science Fiction
12 Mary Daheim Scots on the Rocks 360 6 Mystery
13 Piers Anthony Robot Adept 341 6 Science Fiction
14 Cecelia Ahern Love, Rosie 488 7 Fiction
Stephenie Meyer's Twilight YA Fantasy series was very good and left me looking forward to the next one in the series. Vampires, werewolves, and high school.
Wen Spencer's Science Fiction sequel to Tinker, Wolf Who Rules was much better than the first book. Pittsburg is stuck in the Elfhome dimension.
Piers Anthony's Fantasy, the Apprentice Adept series is interesting. Magic and technology on parallel worlds of different dimensions. Bane and Mach, sons of Stile and Blue from the first trilogy, have found a way to once again cross the dimensions. I'm in the middle of the third book in this quartet.
JoAnna Carl's latest Chocoholics mystery was very disappointing. The lack of communication between Joe and Lee just to make it harder for Lee to solve the mystery was irritating and still way too easy to figure out. The chocolate trivia between chapters was very interesting.
Rachel Caine's latest Weather Warden series nicely finishes off the second set of trilogies in this Fantasy series while setting up the start for the next three books.
Joanne Pence's Angelina Amalfi culinary mystery series was not bad. Wealthy girl working different food related jobs and a homicide detective trying to keep her out of trouble. Some of the different food related jobs she comes up with are funny.
Mary Daheim's latest Bed & Breakfast mystery series was okay. Twenty-third book in the series with the same characters is getting a bit old but instead of their Seattle B&B, they're off on a Scottish vacation.
Cecelia Ahern's Love, Rosie was good. Written in the form of letters, emails, and instant messages, it's a book you can read a little bit at a time.

July books

Despite the slow start at the beginning of the month I managed to read 17 books, 10 of them in the last 11 days!
July Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 Laurie R. King The Art of Detection 495 6 Mystery
2 C. J. Box Open Season 278 3 Mystery
3 Alina Adams Murder on Ice 286 4 Mystery
4 Alina Adams On Thin Ice 239 4 Mystery
5 Alina Adams Axel of Evil 216 4 Mystery
6 Alina Adams Death Drop 233 4 Mystery
7 Alex Archer God of Thunder 348 8 Fantasy
8 Elizabeth Bright Invitation to Murder 214 7 Mystery
9 Elizabeth Bright Deadly Greetings 233 7 Mystery
10 Elizabeth Bright Murder & Salutations 229 7 Mystery
11 Cecelia Ahern If You Could See Me Now 306 8 Fiction
12 Terri Farley The Horse Charmer 281 7 YA
13 Marcia Muller Vanishing Point 334 8 Mystery
14 Marcia Muller The Ever-Running Man 312 8 Mystery
15 Piers Anthony Split Infinity 354 7 Science Fiction
16 J. A. Jance Justice Denied 371 8 Mystery
17 Cleo Coyle Decaffeinated Corpse 273 6 Mystery
The Art of Detection was the fifth and latest book in the Kate Martinelli series. She's a police detective in San Francisco.
Open Season is the first in the Joe Pickett series. He's a game warden in Wyoming. I didn't care for this one & won't be reading any more in the series.
Alina Adams wrote the four books in A Figure-Skating mystery series. I probably won't be reading more in this series.
Alex Archer's Rogue Angel: God of Thunder is another fantastic book in the series. Looking forward to the eighth one in Sept.!!!
Elizabeth Bright's three books in A Card-Making series was pretty good. She's actually Tim Myers in disguise and I'll be looking for the 3 series he writes under his own name.
Terri Farley started another YA horse series about a horse ranch in Hawaii. Loaning these to my niece.
Marcia Muller was the latest 2 books in her Sharon McCone series. Very good series about a PI in San Francisco if you need a 25 book series to start. :)
Split Infinity is the first of seven books in the Apprentice Adept series. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the next one in the series.
Justice Denied is the eighteenth and latest in the J. P. Beaumont series. Another very good book in a great series.
Decaffeinated Corpse is the fifth and latest coffeehouse mystery.
Spock Strange

Reading list from June

Too much work left little time for reading in June. Averaged out to a book every other day.
June Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 Ann Purser Murder on Monday 280 6 Mystery
2 Ann Purser Terror on Tuesday 314 6 Mystery
3 Ann Purser Weeping on Wednesday 294 6 Mystery
4 Ann Purser Theft on Thursday 280 6 Mystery
5 Ann Purser Fear on Friday 262 6 Mystery
6 Ann Purser Secrets on Saturday 266 6 Mystery
7 Karen MacInerney Dead and Berried 311 6 Mystery
8 J. A. Hitchcock Net Crimes & Misdemeanors 359 5 NonFiction
9 Kate Forsyth Heart of Stars 424 7 Fantasy
10 Justine Larbalestier Magic or Madness 271 5 YA
11 Justine Larbalestier Magic Lessons 275 5 YA
12 Justine Larbalestier Magic Child 291 4 YA
13 John Sandford Invisible Prey 388 7 Mystery
14 Susan Beth Pfeffer Life As We Knew It 337 6 YA
15 Bill Pronzini Quincannon's Game 224 5 Mystery
Ann Purser's Lois Meade series was okay. She's a house cleaner in a small village in England. Her titles were by the days of the week with Sunday just coming out in hardcover and she's then starting on numbers. That's probably it for me on this series.
Karen MacInerney's Gray Whale Inn series was okay and had a couple interesting recipes.
J. A. Hitchcock was nonfiction about computer security and how to stay safe online.
Kate Forsyth's conclusion of her fantasy trilogy was pretty good though I'm very glad it's over!
Justine Larbalestier's trilogy was not bad. A glaring math error in the Fibonacci series was a big turn-off in the first book. I wanted more information on how her magic system worked. It seemed to work differently at certain times in order to add drama and suspense to the story.
John Sandford's continuation of his Prey books was pretty good as Lucas Davenport searches for another serial killer.
Susan Beth Pfeffer had a very thought-provoking YA novel. Do you have emergency plans if a disaster strikes in your neighborhood? In this book, an asteroid moved the moon into a closer orbit affecting tides and climate.
Bill Pronzini's Quincannon & Carpenter short stories was okay.
Spirit Ball

May books

It's been a very long month at work so far. This is the first day I've gotten home with a little more time than to grab a bite to eat and fall into bed before having to get back to work.
May Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 Susan McBride Night of the Living Deb 320 7 Mystery
2 Jo Dereske Catalogue of Death 324 7 Mystery
3 Laura Durham Better Off Wed 241 7 Mystery
4 Laura Durham For Better or Hearse 258 7 Mystery
5 Laura Durham To Love and to Perish 246 7 Mystery
6 Mitch Albom For One More Day 197 4 Fiction
7 Earlene Fowler Tumbling Blocks 299 8 Mystery
8 Mary Daheim The Alpine Recluse 315 7 Mystery
9 Jennifer Chiaverini The Quilter's Homecoming 309 7 Fiction
10 Susan Wittig Albert Bleeding Hearts 297 7 Mystery
11 Karen MacInerney Murder on the Rocks 281 6 Mystery
12 Jane Lindskold Wolf's Blood 540 8 Fantasy
13 Robert J. Randisi First Cases 266 7 Mystery
14 Wen Spencer Tinker 340 6 Science Fiction
15 Shirley Damsgaard Witch Way to Murder 292 7 Mystery
16 Shirley Damsgaard Charmed to Death 288 7 Mystery
17 Josepha Sherman & Tamora Pierce Young Warriors 312 8 Fantasy
18 Shirley Damsgaard The Trouble With Witches 292 7 Mystery
19 Alex Archer The Lost Scrolls 346 8 Fantasy

Collapse )
I'm currently reading Ann Purser's Lois Meade mystery series.
Live long & prosper

April books

A little late with April's book list. Almost all mysteries this month with Jane Lindskold being the exception. The ending left me wondering what's next and according to her website, it looks like the next one, Wolf's Blood, is the last in the series. Couldn't wait, so it's on hold at the Library! I really enjoyed Jerrilyn Farmer's Madeline Bean series, reading all 7 books in 9 days.
April Book Report
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 Camille Minichino The Oxygen Murder 244 7 Mystery
2 Jerrilyn Farmer Sympathy For the Devil 248 8 Mystery
3 Jerrilyn Farmer Immaculate Reception 242 8 Mystery
4 Jerrilyn Farmer Killer Wedding 244 8 Mystery
5 Jerrilyn Farmer Dim Sum Dead 248 8 Mystery
6 Jerrilyn Farmer Mumbo Gumbo 335 8 Mystery
7 Jerrilyn Farmer Perfect Sax 289 8 Mystery
8 Jerrilyn Farmer The Flaming Luau of Death 263 8 Mystery
9 Susan McBride Blue Blood 333 7 Mystery
10 Susan McBride The Good Girl's Guide to Murder 353 7 Mystery
11 Evelyn David Murder Off the Books 284 7 Mystery
12 Cleo Coyle On What Grounds 275 7 Mystery
13 Jane Lindskold Wolf Hunting 605 7 Fantasy
14 Cleo Coyle Through the Grinder 275 7 Mystery
15 Cleo Coyle Latte Trouble 243 7 Mystery
16 Cleo Coyle Murder Most Frothy 257 7 Mystery
17 Susan McBride The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club 332 7 Mystery
As easy as Pi

March books

Here's the list of books I read in March.
There are 2 authors I haven't read before this month: Lisa Gardner & Cecelia Ahern. I enjoyed both books in Lisa Gardner's Bobby Dodge series and already have 2 other books of Cecelia Ahern's on my tbr stack!
The other 15 authors are the latest books released, the next book in the series that I haven't read & finally found, or, as in the case of Camille Minichino, just found out I missed the release of the next book in the series and now have two to read!
# Author Title Pages Rating Genre
1 India Ink Blush with Death 274 7 Mystery
2 Lisa Gardner Alone 324 7 Mystery
3 Trudi Canavan Last of the Wilds 558 7 Fantasy
4 Elizabeth Moon Command Decision 384 8 Science Fiction
5 Trudi Canavan Voice of the Gods 574 8 Fantasy
6 Robert Crais The Watchman 292 8 Mystery
7 Claudia Bishop Ground to a Halt 242 6 Mystery
8 Leslie Caine Killed By Clutter 337 7 Mystery
9 Alex Archer Forbidden City 349 8 Fantasy
10 Lisa Gardner Hide 375 8 Mystery
11 William G. Tapply Gray Ghost 257 7 Mystery
12 India Ink Glossed and Found 257 7 Mystery
13 Joanne Fluke Key Lime Pie Murder 342 7 Mystery
14 Patricia Sprinkle Death on the Family Tree 348 7 Mystery
15 Rett MacPherson Died in the Wool 226 7 Mystery
16 Susan Wittig Albert Dead Man's Bones 291 7 Mystery
17 Nancy Fairbanks French Fried 290 7 Mystery
18 Cecelia Ahern PS I Love You 375 9 Fiction
19 Camille Minichino The Nitrogen Murder 274 7 Mystery
20 Patricia Sprinkle Guess Who's Coming to Die? 277 7 Mystery