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August books

Good thing LJ has an auto-save feature. I seemed to have closed off all my browsers one day last week without posting this.

What happened to the heat? I've been cold the last few days. I ended up turning the furnace on yesterday instead of waiting 'til the middle of Oct. Not that it actually started since the thermostat read 70 degrees. lol Oh well, that's what flannel shirts and sweatshirts are for.
Thought I better post my books read from last month before I end up having to do 2 months at once again.

Claudia Bishop The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat #3 in The McKenzie Casefiles. He's a veterinarian for large farm animals in rural New York. The main character drives me nuts so this is probably the last one in this series for me.
Donna Andrews Stork Raving Mad #12 in the Meg Langslow series. Love this series and this is the first mystery I ever remember reading where it all happened in one day! That doesn't mean it was a short book - 309 pages, to be exact!- but a very event-filled day it was!
Patricia Sprinkle Daughter of Deceit #3 in the Family Tree series. A genealogy mystery series, as you can probably tell!
Nevada Barr Burn #16 in the Anna Pigeon series.
Nancy Fairbanks Turkey Flambe #9 in the Carolyn Blue series.
Tim Myers At Wick's End, Snuffed Out, Death Waxed Over, A Flicker of Doubt #1-4 in a Candlemaking mystery series.
Monica Ferris Sins and Needles #10 in the Needlecraft series.

Jocelynn Drake Wait for Dusk #5 in the Dark Days novels
Rachel Caine Total Eclipse #9 and final book in the Weather Warden series. She does have another series set in this universe!
Maria V. Snyder Storm Glass, Sea Glass #1-2 in the Opal Cowen series. Set int he same universe as her Study books.

Science Fiction
Harry Harrison The Stainless Steel Rat Returns #11 in the Stainless Steel Rat series.

Jennifer Chiaverini A Quilter's Holiday #15 in the Elm Creek Quilts novels.

July books

It's been a long time since I read two books in one day. Okay, finished one I'd been reading but still. Curled up on the couch in the sunshine and read the day away. Well, plus a nap! haha
And I managed to stay around the 2k calorie limit on my first day off this month. 5 days down, 26 to go!
Maybe tomorrow I can get some of those things done that I planned to do today but I so needed a lazy day. Maybe two days since I have the new Stainless Steel Rat book in hand! I think that's the last must-read book other than the new Weather Warden book that will be going to work with me next week.

Science Fiction
David Weber By Heresies Distresses, A Mighty Fortress #3 & 4 in the Safehold series.

Jocelynn Drake Pray for Dawn #4 in the Dark Days novels.
Alex Archer Tribal Ways #25 in the Rogue Angel series.

Claudia Bishop Toast Mortem #16 in the Hemlock Falls series.
Phillip Margolin Supreme Justice #2 with Dana Cutler.
Margaret Grace Murder in Miniature, Malice in Miniature #1 & 3 in A Miniature mystery. Somehow missed #2 but these are more beach reads - not too hard to put down when you have to.

David W. Tanton A Drug-Free Approach to Healthcare

May and June books

May books since I got distracted earlier in the month and never finished the post.
P. J. Tracy Shoot to Thrill #5 in the Monkeewrench series. Computer software company(and hackers extraordinaire) teamed up with the Minneapolis police dept.
Laurie R. King The God of the Hive #10 in the Mary Russell?Sherlock Holmes series.
April Henry, Lisa Wiehl #1 in the Triple Threat trilogy. 3 friends - a reporter, a Federal prosecutor, and an FBI agent - team up to solve the disappearance of a 17-year-old Senate page, home for Christmas break. (April Henry is a local author, who signed this books for me when I went to hear wer speak at Powells)
Ann Granger The Companion #1 in the Lizzie Martin series. This is a British historical mystery.
Nevada Barr Borderline #15 in the Anna Pigeon series. She's a National Park ranger.
Claudia Bishop The Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey #2 in the Austin McKenzie series. He's a retired agricultural college professor turned veterinarion. I don't really like the main character so I probably won't be reading any more of these.
John Sandford Storm Prey #20 in the Lucas Davenport or "Prey" books.
Earlene Fowler State Fair #14 in the Benni Harper series. She's the curator at the folk art museum.

Alex Archer The Bone Conjurer #24 in the Rogue Angel series.

Science fiction
David Weber Off Armageddon Reef #1 in the Safehold series. Earth and its colonies have been destroyed by an ancient civilization but not before Earth sent out a colony ship to keep the human race alive. The leader of the colony ship set up an anti-technology religion so that the ancient civilization would never be able to find them.

June books
Kelly McCullough SpellCrash # 5 in the WebMage series.
Karen Hancock The Light of Eidon #1 in the Guardian-King quartet.
Rachel Caine Kiss of Death #8 in The Morganville Vampires series.

Science fiction
David Weber On Basilisk Station, The Honor of the Queen, The Short Victorious War, Mission of Honor, By Schism Rent Asunder #1, 2, 3, & 16 in the Honor Harrington "Honorverse" series. #2 in the Safehold series.

April books

April's books read list now that May is almost over...

Robert Walker Shadow of the White City Historical Mystery #2 in the Inspector Ransom trilogy.
Carolyn G. Hart Laughed 'Til He Died Mystery #20 in the Death on Demand series.
Carol O'Connell Bone By Bone Non-series Mystery
Catherine Aird Losing Ground British Mystery #20 in the Inspector C.D Sloan series.
Jennifer Chiaverini The Lost Quilter Fiction #14 in the Elm Creek Quilt series. I started this back in Jan., got bored with it, and read the epilogue just to finish the book.
Emilie Loring Here Comes the Sun Fiction
Mindy Klasky Girls Guide to Witchcraft, Sorcery and the Single Girl, Magic and the Modern Girl Fiction All 3 books in the Jane Madison trilogy.
Kim Harrison Black Magic Sanction Fantasy #8 in The Hollows.
Alex Archer Sacred Ground Fantasy #23 in the Rogue Angel series.

March Books

It's been a busy week but I'm almost all caught up now. Headache gone, taxes done, holiday over, work is still a pain but that's not gonna go away until I retire!, bed and bath cleaned including folding and putting away clothes instead of living out of the basket!, and all the shopping done except for the Amazon order.
I picked up the new Hollows book and am reading that now along with watching Doctor Who Series 4. Both due back at the same time...haha Anywho, last month's books, yes?

Rachel Caine Unknown #2 in Outcast Season, a Weather Wardens universe series.

Dana Stabenow Powers of Detection Anthology of mystery stories in a fantasy setting.

Dana Stabenow A Night Too Dark #17 in the Kate Shugak series.
Joanne Fluke Apple Turnover Murder #13 in the Hannah Swenson (cookie shop) series.
Robert W. Walker City for Ransom #1 in the Inspector Alastair Ransom series. This is a historical mystery trilogy, I believe. Based in 1893 Chicago during the first World's Fair.
Phillip Margolin local author! Fugitive #5 in his Amanda Jaffe series

T. T. Flynn The Man from Laramie This was my Dad's book from so long ago and I don't know how many times I've reread it but still - oh, so good. I was in a Western mood and that seemed to take care of it. The other 4 books I brought up, I ended up taking back downstairs. I also brought up one of Mom's old romance books but I didn't finish it until April 1 so that'll be on next month's post! haha

Feb. books

Here it is almost the Ides of March - BEWARE! Beware! beware! - and once again I'm behind on books. Also a book shy again for last month but it WAS a short month. Another couple of days and I would have made it! haha

Only ONE science fiction book this month so I shall start with it!
Eric Flint, Dave Freer The Sorceress of Karres This is the 3rd book in a series started by a book by James H. Schmitz called The Witches of Karres.
Join Goth, Maleen, and the Leewit, along with Captain Pausert as they continue their adventures throughout the far reaches of space in the Empire. I'm sure hoping for another book in this series! It's great.

Julie Hyzy Eggsecutive Orders The 3rd White House Chef mystery. Kind of a slow start for me but picked up nicely. She's starting a new series so I don't know if there will be more of these or not.

Robert Crais Chasing Darkness, The First Rule Numbers 12 and 13 in the Elvis Cole, Joe Pike series. Both very engrossing but more thriller than mystery in my opinion.

Shirley Damsgaard The Seventh Witch is the 7th book in the Ophelia and Abby series. They're visiting family in North Carolina and an old family feud reignites with Abby's return to her childhood home.

Linda O. Johnston Howl Deadly #8 in the Kendra Ballantyne, pet-sitter mystery. A wolf disappears from a wildlife sanctuary and a caretaker is found dead not long after. Plus, the dead caretaker was somehow involved in her boyfriend's hush-hush military past.

Philip Margolin Executive Decision Stand alone novel, not part of his Amanda Jaffe series. The President of the United States is under suspicion of murder! Added bonus, he's a local author! :)

Julie Wray Herman Three Dirty Women and the Bitter Brew This is #2 in the Three Dirty Women series. Got this from Mom. Didn't realize it wasn't #1 until after I was at work.
Three women run a landscape business in Savannah, Georgia. Falls a bit into the humorous side of cozies. If I run across another one, I'll probably pick it up.

Mary Stanton (aka Claudia Bishop) Avenging Angels #3 in Beaufort & Company series. It's another book based in Savannah. The new ghostly client Brianna is preparing to defend did not commit suicide. The person responsible for his death would prefer much for her NOT to continue her investigations and really has nothing to lose in stopping her. Good but strange.

January books

One book short of my minimum quota for the month. There's a poor start to the year.

Sue Grafton U is for Undertow #21 in the Kinsey Milhone series.
Patricia Sprinkle What Are You Wearing to Die? #10 in the MacLaren Yarbrough series.
Patricia Sprinkle Sins of the Father #2 in the Family Tree series. This is the only one I won't be continuing if I don't like #3, which I already have on the tbr shelf.
Yamine Galenorn Ghost of a Chance, Legend of the Jade Dragon, Murder Under a Mystic Moon, A Harvest of Bones, One Hex of a Wedding #1-5 is the complete Chintz 'n' China series.

Alex Archer The Spirit Banner #22 in the Rogue Angel series.