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Manor Of Death by Leslie Caine

I just read the book #3 Manor Of Death by Leslie Caine. I rate it an 8. Collapse )

This is the third book in the Domestic Bliss Mystery series and is just as enjoyable as the first two. Leslie Caine also writes two mystery series under the names Leslie O’Kane. The Molly Master series is about a greeting card designer and the Allie Babcock series is about a dog therapist.
This is 5/100 mystery authors

I'm still reading #2 Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg.
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Book finished: False Premises

I just finished the book #2 False Premises by Leslie Caine. I rate it an 8.
Interior designer Erin Gilbert was dazzled by her beautiful, free-spending client and new friend, Laura Smith. Dazzled, that is, until she visits Laura's magnificent house and finds that the priceless antiques she painstakingly acquired at Laura's behest have been completely replaced with fakes! When Laura's explanations ring as false as the erstwhile Louis XVI foyer mirror, Erin begins investigating her friend's colorful life and times - and then gets interrupted by a murder.
As fate would have it, Erin has uncovered the same world-class scam artist who all but destroyed her handsome-but-embittered arch-rival, Steve Sullivan. While Sullivan aches for revenge, Erin wants answers - even while she juggles a sputtering romance, a burgeoning business and one very boorish client. For Erin, it's bad enough that bodies are being strewn in all the wrong places. It's even worse that one suspect perfectly fits each crime: Sullivan himself!

The next one's not due out until April 2006.
I'm currently reading Christopher Priest's The Extremes and #19 Amendment of Life by Catherine Aird.
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Book finished: Death By Inferior Design

I just finished #1 Death By Inferior Design by Leslie Caine. I rate it a 9.
It was a great opportunity, a beautiful day, and a perfect setting: home designer Erin Gilbert was headed to a lovely Crestview, Colorado neighborhood to engage in a friendly little design contest with her nearest and less-than-dearest competitor, the unspeakably handsome Steve Sullivan. Erin would do a room in one home. Across the street, Steve would do another. Between Gilbert and Sullivan, may the best eye win...
Neither designer could suspect that rearranging two spaces on a winter weekend would set of an uproar in the neighborhood - of quirky homeowners, passionate secrets, and marriages in need of extreme makeovers. Looking for a friend in this perilously unhinged environment, Erin wants to think that Steve might turn from competitor to ally....But somewhere between her faux wall finish and her custom window treatments, Erin is in for a shock: it seems that a killer has created this designing job just for her!

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I'm currently reading The Extremes by Christopher Priest. However, I think I'll start #2 False Premises by Leslie Caine instead of finishing that book today.