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Home Repair isn't necessarily Homicide

This is not about the Sarah Graves series but the new top down/bottom up blinds I just hung up! Funny how the one place I skinned my knuckle yesterday is the exact same place that kept brushing against the casement screwing in the optional side mount brackets. Argh. But they're up and they look good and there's no blood on the walls, windows, blinds, or floor! hahaha

Double-celled to keep the heat in during this "predicted" harsh winter and top down so I can have my privacy but let the late afternoon light in and still be able to see out.

Not busy enough this morning

The question I have to ask is: now that I've got the workbench in the garage, why can't I find my tools?

Remember the blinds I ordered last month that came in the wrong color? Well, I found the new ones on my front porch when I got home this afternoon. I thought they were supposed to be delivered to the store this time? Oh well, it saves me a trip.
They didn't make it easy putting screws in tight corners but I got them hung!
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