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Yep, still at it. Haven't seemed to lose any weight yet but then I haven't really given up my junk food yet, just added more fruits and vegetables to the list of things to eat! Hey, wait-a-hold it, that's adding more calories to my diet. No wonder I'm not losing weight!
It was a pretty good workout though! Though bench pressing an 80 pound barbell seems a lot heavier than a 100 pound sack of flour. :(

Anybody have any ideas why a schoolbus would be running at 7 am on a Sunday morning?

Workout update

I'm trying to spend 20-30 minutes in some kind of physical exercise, even if it's just a short walk around the neighborhood, every day - besides work. And I've tried to cut back on the junk food, especially in the evening, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

I've noticed after one week that my overall mood has measurably improved.
Still not sleeping well though. :(